Trip Recap: Cancun

Cancun trip recap Length:  4 days.  This was too short, in my opinion.  We went into it knowing that we were just going to lay around the resort.  We didn't have any ambitious plans on hiking Mayan ruins or anything...but after a few days recharging on the beach, I wanted to get out and explore. (more…)


Cancún: What to know before you go

After a busy few months at work for Mr. Zed and I, we knew we wanted to get away for Memorial Day weekend. The criteria: somewhere warm, beach and pool accessible, family-friendly, and of course there had to be delicious food. We decided on Cancún, Mexico. A major deciding factor was that Mr. Zed's parents own a timeshare there, and happened to be headed there for a couple we invited ourselves along.  Pro tip: if you're planning on crashing your in-laws' vacation, it helps to have awesome in-laws and cute kids.  (more…)

Travel Gear

What’s in the bag?  Beach bag edition

When you become a mother, you take on several other titles: you're chief cook and (literally) bottle washer, doctor, teacher, magician, and most definitely pack mule. Everyone counts on you to be prepared for all contingencies, and a beach trip is no different. Here's what the Zeds need for a great day at the beach: (more…)